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Brand Name : Forever 52
Prolong your makeup durability with Forever52’s Booster. A mixing medium that can revive any dried product or can turn eyeshadow pigment into an intensely pigmented liquid eyeliner. Fix any broken powder pan, lipstick, or gel-based product back to its original consistency by just adding few drops of the booster. HOW TO USE: To turn eyeshadow into an intensely pigmented eyeliner: Break the shadow into loose pigments or use loose pigmented shadows and add quite a few drops of the booster to give it liquid consistency and mix it well. To fix any broken powder: Break the powder into fine particles, add few drops of booster ( 2 to 3 drops) and mix the product really well. Press it down using a tissue or a pad and leave it for an hour. Make sure not to add too much of the mixing medium to maintain consistency. Dried gel liner: Add few drops of the booster into the gel liner pot and mix it really well. Let it sit for some time. Broken or dried lipstick: Mash the lipstick into a fine paste in a pot and add 3 to 4 drops of mixing medium. Mix it really well and let it sit for some time. NOTE: The proportion of the mixing medium may vary depending on the product quantity
Brand Name : Forever 52
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