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CC PRIMER - Ivory 105

CC PRIMER - Ivory 105

SUPERLAST LIP PENCIL - Orange Brownie 760

SUPERLAST LIP PENCIL - Orange Brownie 760

CC PRIMER - Lillac 106

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The CC Primer by EVA GARDEN make up encloses a Colour Corrector and a Primer in a single product.
Available in three hues, Ivory, Lilac and Caramel, CC Primer uniforms the complexion, absorbs excess oil reducing pore size and makes the skin immediately more radiant and smooth. To be applied as a base for foundation to increase duration.
The advanced technology together with plant extracts assures a “perfect skin” action with a mat finish, together with a soft, light and velvety texture.
A revolutionary formula for 6 actions in 1:
improves make-up performance

Apply on your face with your fingertips.

We recommend:
the Ivory tone for fair skin
the Caramel  tone for tanned skins
the Lilac tone for an olive complexion
It blends with any skin tone and gives a smooth, bright and natural complexion.

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