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Elite Sapphire nail file

Elite Sapphire nail file

Detangling Pneumatic Brush

Detangling Pneumatic Brush

Elite 6 Make up brushes kit

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Roll-up case with six brushes and synthetic hair brushes. Made with fibers, enhancing the function of makeup and its optimal application.

44 Precision powder brush. Suitable for loose or compact powders. Flat and sharp and flexible tip allows an accurate application on face, neck and chest.

31 precision blush brush. Angled shape, fits perfectly in the line of the cheekbones. Ideal for a better blur and to apply small touches in front, bridge of the nose and chin.

23 Medium base brush. Suitable for all types of fluid makeup or masks. Semi flat and rounded tip for optimal coverage.

52 Medium correction brush. Special to cover imperfections and dark circles with all kinds of correctors. Firm hair and flathead, deposit the product in such a way that it melts with the skin.

12 double brush shader. Double function brush: wide for shadows, thick for correctors.

14 Eyebrow and eyelash brush angled. Double brush: angled to brush the eyebrows and spiral to separate the eyelashes.

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