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Golden Era Eyeshadow Palette

Golden Era Eyeshadow Palette

Master Ink Matte - Charcoal Black

Master Ink Matte - Charcoal Black

Temptation Palette - Warm

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Temptation Palette Eyes palette - 12 metal and mat nuances (15gr)

Dedicated to those who want to be tempted by colors and are not afraid to dare.
The Temptation Palettes will make every eye-makeup irresistible, thanks to an iconic and sublime color selection.

Inspired by the colors of the sunset and the earth.
Warm Temptation contains a selection of 12 fiery eyeshadows with a warm undertone. Burnt oranges, iridescent bronzes, warm browns and intense burgundies, a hot color explosion for the smoky-eyes you can’t do without.

Brand Name :
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